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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My First / If you bought it a truck deliverd it !

Hi everyone...anyone , well this is my first attempt at
a blog and I hope I get some response .

As a truck driver I cant help but wonder why people

have so little respect for trucks .

Almost everything people have was at some point
delivered by a truck , from the car they drive to the
food they eat , the clothes they wear , even all the
materials their house's are built out of and the roads
they drive on every day and almost everything else .

Trucks are not out there on the roads just to get in the

way or piss people off , yes trucks are big and slow but
try to remember they weigh up to 80,000 pounds and
it takes a little more time than a car to get up to speed
and when they do get going they need much more road
to stop than a car does .

It's never a good idea to be approaching a red light and
cut over in front of a truck just to be first in line .
When the light turns green even if your five cars back
in the other lane you will still be ahead of the truck
before you get through the intersection and you didn't
endanger yours or anyone else's life or property .

Trucks make wide right turns not because they want

to they have to , if you come up behind a truck at an
intersection and they are in the right lane with their
right turn signal on then they suddenly swing to the
left but the right signal is still on don't think they
changed their mind about the turn and step on the
gas to pass them on the right ,
you could be crushed to death . If they don't make that
wide swing they cant make the turn .

Yes I know there are truck drivers out there that should

not be because they really don't know what their doing
or their just plain assholes but most of us that do know
what we are doing are out there to provide goods to
outlets we all buy from and build better community's
for everyone .

So give us a break and a little extra room
and everyone stays safe .

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