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Friday, March 14, 2008

Things I've learned being a Truck Driver

Inspired by J. at The Coffee Table

Example, not my truck......Damn It !

1- I have a great view of your BOOBS...and that
ladies can make a very stressful day just a
little easier to handle.
2- The best food a Driver can get is found in
little Cafe's in small towns on little two lane hwy's. ,
if your lucky enough to find a place to park your Rig.
Most times you can get within a short walk.
3- Truck Drivers are not as well paid as
most people think.
4- It cost a small fortune to live on the road.
5- Truck Stop laundry facility's are nasty,
expensive and suck.
6- This Country DEPENDS on trucks yet the
bigger the town or city the less accommodating
they are to them.
7-Truck stops are not always safe place's
to spend the night.
8-Interstate rest area's are NOT SAFE places
to spend the night but are necessary.
9- Prostitutes [AKA] Lot Lizards disturb a
drivers much needed sleep on average 2 or 3
times a month asking {you want a date honey}.....
No I haven't.
10- The average motorist does not read or
even notice the large colorful signs on truck
trailers warning about wide turns and blind spots.
To those of you who already appreciate and
understand Trucks and the need for them
For those who don't you can help by telling
them what you know.

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