" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday-Bust / Sunday-Great

Saturday I went to a local pond to do some
catfishin and all I caught was this bait stealing
little fucker, I released him before leaving
the pond.

This was my first time at this pond and it
turns out they post a schedule of when they
stock it.
I talked to a guy who is a regular there
and he said you have to hit the pond on the
weekend they stock it if you want to catch any.

I stuck it out anyway from sunrise to 10 PM,
sorry Metalmom no fried cat pics. this time...

Saturday was a bust.
Sunday I went out to my oldest sisters place to

smoke a Deer Rump. It was my brother in laws

idea but they don't have a smoker so I took

mine out there.

I've never smoked Deer before but I'm happy

to say it came out perfect, tender, juicy, smokey

and DELICIOUS. I forgot my camera so I took

this pic when I got home, doesn't it look yummy?

The best part was I got to spend the day hangin

out with family drinkin Beer and havin fun.

We watched a couple of classic westerns and

some Sci Fi channel. I showed my sister my

blog and some of yours and just enjoyed the day...
Sunday was a Great day.

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