" Tempus Fugit "


Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last night while browsing the net looking at
Trucks (yes really at trucks) I clicked on a link
and guess what?

A porn site popped up and would not let me exit,

no matter what I did it would not let me exit.

Then within seconds a warning popped up saying

my computer was infected with a virus, AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGG!!!

I immediately shut down and restarted in safe

mode and ran my anti virus and other clean up

programs, I think I might be OK but I don't know yet for sure.

Now, though I know they will never read this ,

a few words to the people responsible for Internet virus's.

You low life cock sucking,

mother fucking, pig dick licking,

horse ass eating, goat ass fucking,

camel piss drinking less than worthless

piece's of shit.

If I could find you and prove beyond

doubt that you are responsible for

putting virus's on the web I would


without even the spark of a second

thought for your kind is truly a waste

of skin and oxygen, you do not

deserve to live !!!

I don't know what could possibly make

someone create and spread virus's on the net

to fuck with people, I just don't understand it !

Sorry for the seriousness folks but I just had

to get that off my chest.

Shit Bags my readers would like

included in the KILL list...

The Stinker adds - email Spammers & Telemarketers... Good call Bud.

Claire adds - Dirty Twatting Wankers...

Yeah dirty twats gotta go.

Heather adds - Juvie Jackoffs...

Trouble Makin Punks .

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