" Tempus Fugit "


Monday, August 11, 2008


Hoosiergirl tagged me with this because she's
nosey that way but she's also a real sweetheart
so I did it, plus she gave me this award and
thinks I'm brilliant...well at least until she reads it.
Thank You Darlin

Attached or single? Single

Cake or Pie? Pie, Blueberry mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Day of Choice? Each one I wake up to.

Essential Item? (Items) MY GUNS criminals
will always have guns so.....SO WILL I.

Favorite color? Blue in any shade but Navy,
it to close to black.

Gummy bears or worms? Worms, real ones
cause their full of protein.

Hometown? Phoenix AZ.

Indulgence? My Guns & Beer.....but not
together even though I am a Redneck.

January or July? January cause the commercialized
Xmas crap is over & those annoying sap ass
Xmas songs are off the radio. Don't freak out
people I believe in God and Xmas just not the
commercial bullshit its become every year.


Life isn't complete.... Life is never complete,
that's just human nature.

Marriage Date? 4-5-01 One of the biggest mistakes
of my life & though I haven't been able YET to
pay the filing cost of divorce papers, she's in
N.C. & has been for 2 years now so yes I am single.

Number of Brothers and Sisters? 1 half brother
2 sisters all older than I...yeah yeah baby of
the family I know.

Oranges or Apples? Oranges (Navel of course)

Phobias? Unsecured extreme heights, ya know
like the edge of a cliff.

Quote? "Better to have it and not need it than
need it and not have it."

Reasons to Smile? My dog Jesse.

Season of Choice? Fall because the Desert is
beginning to cool down a bit.

Tag Seven People? NOPE but if ya see this and
want to do it go for it.

Unknown Fact? I won the AZ. Lottery once for
$2.7 million and was fucked out of it by an

Vegetable? Fresh Green Beans mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Worst habits? Spittin out the word fuck in front
of the wrong people like a foul mouthed trucker
and then apologizing with embarrassment.
Wrong people i.e. the elderly, it's a matter of
respect & I really try not to do it but sometime
it's out there before I know it.

X-Ray or Ultrasound? X-Ray...
I'm hopin to glow someday.

Your favorite food? PIZZA & BEER....
shut up Beer is to food
I've had it for supper many times.

Zodiac sign? Pisces but I'm not a very good
swimmer....ironic huh.

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