" Tempus Fugit "


Monday, October 6, 2008


Let’s Foreplay...uhh Play Four. heh

A) Four Places That I Go To Over And Over:
Work, WalMart, the frig for BEER &
The Bathroom-partly Beer related heh.

B) Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
Duane H, My sister Paula, Data Doctors &
some broad that wants me to claim my
European lottery winnings-yeah like I'm THAT stupid.

C) Four Of My Food Favorites:
Beer is too food!

D) Four Things I’d Like To Do:
Sky Dive, visit Ireland & Scotland,
Own a Sharps 45-70 Buffalo Rifle &
Meet some fellow blogger's in person.

E) Four People I Think Will Respond:

Hoosiergirly, Metalmom, Coffeypot & wblmom

F) Four Things I Did Yesterday:
Watched Football, Helped a good friend
with their blog layout, Drank Beer &
played with my boy Jesse.

If I have to pick four others to do this I choose,
Any four people who want to do it.

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