" Tempus Fugit "


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


You all know my boy Jesse.

The Battle part 1
A couple of weeks ago I discovered Ticks on my boy.

I picked off everyone of the little bastards I could find
but two days later he was covered with the fuckers again.

I had to keep doin this for almost a week until I could

get him into PetSmart for a grooming & tick bath.

I got some of that liquid stuff ya put right on the dogs back

that is supposed to last 30 days & I fog bombed my house

to kill any infestation possibility.

I had to take the doggie door out so Jesse can't get into

the backyard anymore (I believe he stirred them up

with his diggin) I also spread poison to kill Ticks in

the backyard, we're winnin part 1 of the battle.

The Battle part 2

I'm havin to rehouse break Jesse, when I go to work I

have to pen him in the hallway (dogs generally wont

potty in a confined space they can't get out of) & so far

so good with that part, I take him outside before I

leave for work & right away when I get home but he

has still had a few accidents in the house when

I'm home and he's loose.

I give him a treat every time he goes potty outside and

he's gettin it but now I just need to get him to let me

know when he needs to go outside instead of havin to

watch him EVERY SECOND, but still we're winnin part 2

of the battle.

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