" Tempus Fugit "


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Jesse likes to have me hold one end of his chew bone
while he chews and tugs on it and in the process he
gets me to move up to the edge of my chair. Once I'm
there he climbs up behind me with his bone.

He chews it a little more then drops it behind me.

Then he gives me a hug as if to say, keep this safe for
me daddy. Then he jumps down and goes about his
business...takin a nap, chewin another toy or whatever.

Of course as soon as he's not lookin I toss it back
on the floor...what! I'm not sittin on a bone no matter
how much I love the knucklehead.
NOTE: Sorry about the post delete post, I'm haveing trouble with
the Read More feature.

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