" Tempus Fugit "


Monday, January 5, 2009


Y'all know my boy Jesse, well Jesse like most dogs
likes to play with sticks. He likes to fetch em & he
likes to chew on em.


Every time I take him out to play or just to potty

he finds a stick to play with, sometimes he wants
to play fetch sometimes he just likes to shake his
head side to side & up & down with the stick in
his mouth and let it go flyin only to pounce on it
and do it all over again. Sometimes he picks one up
and runs full blast around the field and drive way
like a dog possessed just because he can.
He has a blast with his sticks and I love watchin him
and playin fetch with him.
This is Jesse's current stick collection.
If ya look close you'll see a couple a bones in there too.

Jesse always tries to bring his sticks into the house
when we come in and I have to take them away from
him and lay them on the window ledge, if I throw them
back into the field when I take them from him he just
goes chasin after them and brings em back and tries
to get in the house with em again...he LOVES that game.

Anyway it's time to slip out and scatter his sticks back
out in the field so he can find & collect em all over again.

Though this behavior may not be anything special as
far as dogs go Jesse is special to me and I enjoy sharing
him with all of you. I hope you all enjoy watchin him
grow up with me. Yes, Yes I am a proud Daddy.

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