" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today Jesse & I met with a driver friend of mine DD who now will also be my second boss, you see DD drives for the same company I do but he also has a truck of his own that he has leased to our boss.

Unfortunately DD had to let his last driver go, and since things have been so slow with our line of work lately DD and our other boss have decided to share me like a cheap whore.

Hey I don't mind as long as I get paid for shiftin their gears and dumpin their loads...their truck gears & loads you perverts sheesh, you guys know I'm into Boobs not Bobs.

Anyway with things the way they are I'm just glad DD and the other boss thought of me for the postition. DD's truck is a straight 16 wheel Peterbilt dump truck, the other truck is an 18 wheel end dump as you all know. For now it seems I'll be driving the 16 mostly but I guess what it boils down to is I'll drive which ever truck has work.

OK enough about work it's time to talk about Jesse again. When Jesse and I met with DD today his wife was with him. Lets call her LDW (lady dog whisperer).

This was the first time I've met LDW and I learned she used to teach a dog obedience class, she immediately ask me to let Jesse out of the truck so of course I did.
As DD and I talked shop LDW was entertaining Jesse. She seemed very impressed with his intelligence and eagerness to please & of course Jess was tickled to make a new friend. LDW worked a little with Jess and showed me the right way to teach him a couple of things.

As it turned out I spent alot more time talkin with LDW about Jesse and gettin a free training lesson than I did talkin to DD about business, but that's ok cause the business part was really just a paperwork formality anyway, DD knows I know what I'm doin behind the wheel.

So now I sorta have two jobs in one and Jesse and I have a training adviser. IT'S ALL GOOD !

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