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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


OK so this post isn't really about Condoms or a stripper named Bubbles but it got your attention huh !

Last Thursday it cost me $670 bucks to get my truck to pass emissions & get the new tag, that's a big chunk a change for me especially since my work has been up & down like a yo yo lately but it had to be done, the tag expired Aug 08...OOOPS.

Anyway Monday on the way to work I noticed a slight shimmy in the front end but didn't give it much thought, I thought maybe it was just the road. Yesterday on the way to work the shimmy was quite a bit worse so when I got to work I investigated the situation only to find that my left front tire had a pair of big ass bubbles in the tread, yep the tire was separating.

When I headed home from work yesterday I went straight to a tire shop thinkin I would just get a couple a new tires if they weren't to expensive, keep in mind the last time I bought tires it was for a mini van & they were only about $45 a piece & that was 5 years ago. Well imagine my surprise when the tire guy said $106 a tire and that is before mount & balance and TAXES !

I politely told him no thanks I'll go see what Discount Tire has. Well Discount Tire beat the other guys price.....by $2...umm yeah that sucked so I decided to just get my spare checked out and put it on....yep another surprise, due to a missing piece a piece that I never got when I bought the truck I could not lower my spare tire. Yeah now I'm gettin frustrated so I head on home and had to cut the cable that holds the spare and guess what...it was flat! It's a new tire but over the years it just lost air, so I head back to Discount Tire to get it checked out so I could put it on.

Now for the GOOD NEWS

I had talked to my nephew earlier in the day on an unrelated issue so while driving back to the tire shop I called him to see if he had messed with that other issue and in conversation told him what was goin on with my tires and where I was going, he told me one of his good friends works there as an assistant manager so he gave me his name and he called him to let him know I was coming, when I got there I gave my spare to one of the shop guys and went inside to talk to The Man. Thanks to my nephew's friend "The Man" I got my spare fixed, the rear tires rotated to the front and two brand new "RUBBERS" tires mounted & balanced on the rear for....are ya ready for it...............$200 even! WOO HOO!
I saved $175 bucks ! Yeah my nephew is a great kid & a fine young man..................
I owe him one.

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