" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well y'all know Jesse is a big boy & the other day I noticed when he was eatin that he reminded me of a Giraffe tryin to eat somethin off the ground so I decided he needed his own dinner table. After checkin a few stores & not findin what I was lookin for I decided to go yard salin this mornin to see if I could find somethin that would be the right height, length & width. After 5 hrs. of yard salin & findin nothin except this work bench (seen here) that a guy gave me for free today I decided to see if I could just build him one. When I got home I went lookin in my storage room and found part of an old shelf, I gathered the shelf 4 legs and 4 decorative top knobs.

I went out back where I knew I had a piece of 1/2 in. plywood & using the shelf piece as a template I cut the base from the plywood & stained it with the darkest stain I had then sealed it with a clear Polycrylic finish, all the necessary pieces for the job are seen here.

Here it is after the base has dried & put together.

Here Jesse's dinner table is in position & set for him when ever he's ready to eat.

Just moments after takin the above pic. Jesse let me know that he is pleased with his new table.

That's my boy & I love him to no end.

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