" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, March 27, 2011


I got a Motorola Droid smart phone about 2 weeks ago & it's really cool. It does all kinds of stuff including stuff I'll probably never know it can do.

It has a direct link on screen to 2 of my email accounts it displays the temp & current weather conditions for wherever I happen to be & well you get the idea.

It of course has a camera & video recorder, here's where I started to
figure out that it's smarter than I am. It came with a USB cable to plug into my comp. to download the pics & videos...I couldn't figure out how to do it !

So I went back to the phone store & one of the techs. figured it out & I watched as she did it so I could do it on my own & I did. The next thing I had trouble with was the video format, when I downloaded a video
then went to play it on my comp. it would only show in the Quicktime player & not windows media player the prob. being I can't do anything but view it in the Quicktime player so through some research I found out that I could download a free video conversion program & amazingly it's incredibly simple to use so that issue is resolved.

It can even show pics & videos on my TV via wireless connection... I haven't figured that feature out yet. Anyway like I said it does a multitude of stuff but I gotta say I love it & it really does take awesome pics & video. I may post more about it in the future as I learn.

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