" Tempus Fugit "


Thursday, October 25, 2007


In the news paper today was an article on the
dangers of text messaging while driving .
I don't get the obsession people have with this ,
it's not only extremely dangerous in my opinion
it just doesn't make any sense , I mean the
phone was invented to talk to each other not
send telegrams.
As a professional driver this really concerns
me because I'm out there on the road all day
witch increases my chances of being a cell
text statistic.
Jan. 1st 08 Phx. has a law going in effect that
outlaws texting while driving.
I believe this is a good thing but it's just going
to be kind of a band aid on the problem here
because Phx. is surrounded [literally] by other
city's all connected to Phx. and each other by
city streets and freeways with Phx. smack
in the middle.
The surrounding city's have no such laws pending .
I believe this is a nation wide problem and
therefore should be dealt with by the
federal government {SWIFTLY} .
There are more than enough distraction out
there for drivers without the drivers themselves
doing 40 to 70 plus MPH and stairing down at
their phone for extended periods of time instead
of paying attention to the road , to me an
extended period of time for your eyes to be off
the road is anything more than one second ,
a whole lot can happen in one second at
even just 45mph.
If anyone has any thoughts on this pro or
con feel free to share.

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