" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, November 4, 2007


This is my little girl Sadie , she's 6 years
old spoiled rotten and sheds constantly
but I love her to no end anyway .

She's a great alarm and would do her best
as a guard dog but she's only a foot and
a half tall , besides she loves almost everyone .

My neighbor has allot of outdoor cats ,

Sadie doesn't hate cats she just thinks

their fluffy chew toys to be tossed around

and chewed on , the thing is the cats don't

stick around to let her play with them .

Anyway I think I've got her to just leave

them alone {finally}.

I took this picture of her while we enjoyed

the cool temp. and sunrise this morning

and she didn't even give the cats a second

look .

This afternoon we are going out to my

sisters house for Sunday dinner

[Sadie LOVES to go for rides] and she

will get to see her sister Sassy . I swear

that sometimes Sadie can read my mind

because whenever I'm going to take her

for a ride she knows it before I ever give

her any verbal indication , all I have to

do is head for the door and she just goes

with me as opposed to when I'm not taking

her she just sits or lays down and looks

at me as if to say see ya later daddy .

She's my good little girl .


My beloved Sadie went to Doggie Heaven March 30th 2008

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