" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sometimes I haul fill dirt to landfills around the
valley and Friday I was surprised to find that at
the Allied Waste Landfill out on SR 85 they had
this truck & trailer set up that had this BBQ grill
that is an exact replica of one of their garbage
trucks [except for the grill part of course] and
its about the size of a Dodge mini van .
They were serving hamburger's & smoked
sausage's free to all the commercial drivers
hauling into that landfill to say thanks because
without us including the garbage truck drivers
they would be out of business . I found out that
they go around to their different landfill sites
doing this and I thought that's pretty cool .
You may be wondering why would they need
dirt hauled into a landfill don't they just dig a
giant hole fill it with garbage and cover it with
the dirt they dug out of the hole , NO dirt has to
be hauled in because the garbage has to be
mixed with dirt as it is dumped this helps to
compact and stabilize the landfill site .
I have to say Kudos to Allied Waste Services ,
we [CDL drivers] appreciate being appreciated
especially when most people just think
were in their way .

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