" Tempus Fugit "


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Truck Maintenance

In my line of work when you drive for a small
mom & pop outfit [two trucks] your not just a driver .
I do the maintenance and most of the repair
work on the trucks to, this is the truck my
boss drives and while doing the routine greasing
on it I discovered this broken spring.
I'm a driver first and a mechanic second and
when the work has to be done in the boss's
back yard it can be a real pain in the ass ,
it took me a day and a half to replace the spring
then I replaced the bumper and fixed a
radiator leak.
Our line of work always slacks off this time of
year so I guess it a good thing that I can still get
hours on the clock doing truck maint. & repair,
the down side is I'm no spring chicken anymore
and all that bending over and crawling around
under the trucks takes it's tole .

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