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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For HoosierGirl

Hi HoosierGirl
Well This is my blog, I haven't been spreading
it around because I don't think I'm very good
at it [yet] and I haven't posted any thing in
awhile because I've been so busy reading and
participating in other blogs plus I've been
stressed out about loosing too much work due
to the recent holidays and too much rain but
that's another story.

I drove long haul but now I drive local in the
construction industry, above is a pic. of the
truck I drive.

I don't know if your familiar with this kind of rig,
it's called a super 18. The rear extended axle
raises up and flips over into the bed and the
three axles right in front of the drives are called
pushers they raise and lower for loaded or
empty as well.
I hope you will check out my older post's and
give me any pointers you might have to make
my blog better, and yes if you read my first post
you will see that I am passionately offended
by the lack of respect we truck drivers get
Remember howling at the moon relieves stress.

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