" Tempus Fugit "


Saturday, June 7, 2008


That's right Pizza Hut can kiss my ass. I called
them to order a pizza today, I had a coupon for
a medium 3 topping for $8.99.

My order - Ham & Pineapple and for the third
topping I asked for extra cheese.

The following is my conversation with the
little pizza hut girl.

P.H.G.: you can't get extra cheese as the third
topping I have to charge you $1.50 more for that.

WHAT THE FUCK ! (in my head)

ME: you mean I can have any other topping
including a meat topping and the price stays
the same but if I want some more cheese you
have to charge me an extra buck and a half
even if I don't get a third topping ?

P.H.G.: yes sir it's company policy now we have
to charge for extra cheese, it can't be used to
replace another topping.

ME: Well pizza hut can kiss my ass goodbye.

Pizza Hut has lost my business until
this policy is changed !

I then called Domino's with a coupon for a
medium 3 topping for $9.99 (yes I know it's
a dollar more right off the bat).

Domino's Guy answers and says thank you for
calling Domino's will this be delivery or carry out ?

Carry out I said.

My order - Ham & pineapple and extra cheese
as the third topping.

D.G.: what kind of crust would you like sir?

ME: does deep dish crust cost extra ?

D.G.: Yes sir $1.00.

ME: OK deep dish.

D.G.: OK sir that will be $11.67 and that will
be ready in about 15 minutes.

ME: Thank You...click...I mean blip - cell phone,

Below is a picture of a delicious medium Domino's
Deep Dish Ham Pineapple & extra Cheese Pizza..............
well that's what it was anyway.

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