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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

31 YEARS AGO........

31 Years ago I got my very first real weekly
paycheck job, sure I had mowed lawns & raked
leaves for my neighbors and I had a couple of
paper routes up to then but at 16yrs. old it was
time to join the real work force.

Monday I just happened to have to drive by
the place where I had that first real job.

I was a bus boy at a Restaurant & lounge called
Dorado's right by Sky Harbor Int. Airport at
24th. St. & the I 17 truck route in Phx. The name
is now Rodehouse & the landscape is a little
different but everything else is still the same
(from the outside).

Poke the pic. to biggie size it.

I even remembered a couple of the people I worked with like Sue Hunter, she was the Hostess & the owners daughter, she was about 25yrs. old tall slim & pretty and very funny.

Then there was Miss Jessie the head waitress, she was about 4' 7" and at the time about 60 yrs old, she was a hard worker and a very sweet lady and IF Miss Jessie is gone from this world now may God rest her soul.

Then there was Robin...mmm Robin mmm...oh uh yeah Robin was a 28 year old waitress, a 5' 4" tall REDHEAD with a gorgeous freckled face and a set of 40D's and an awesome personality, we were real good friends in the work place and though I tried and tried she was married and in love with her husband and would giggle and remind me of that fact every time I would say something suggestive, that and the fact that she could go to jail if she ever rocked my under age world. I kept tryin though right up to the day I left that job and Robin always kept a good humor about it, ALWAYS.

Robin is my fondest memory of my first real job.....I wonder why? heh heh

Oh and there was this one waitress that I can't remember her name but she was about 5' 8" tall & had a pretty face & nice body but WOW WHAT A BITCH!

Yeah there were other bus boys & the cooks were all guys but who gives a shit about that I WAS 16 REMEMBER.

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