" Tempus Fugit "


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last Thursday mornin when I took Jesse out to pee
there were a bunch of vehicle's in the field next to us
and a guy keepin an eye on them, of course Jesse
wanted to go say hi so he jumped up on this spot
of fence that was saggin from the weight of this
nasty ass milkweed vine shit. When I told him to
get down he lost his footing and fell on his right
shoulder, he favored it the rest of the day but was
OK buy Fri. mornin. Yes it scared the hell out of me
when he got up limpin, I was soooo relieved to find
he didn't break his leg. Anyway I spent the rest of the
day fixin the fence, it aint pretty but it serves the
purpose. Picture #1 The Problem. POKE THE PICS. TO BIGGIE SIZE EM

Pic #2 After strippin all that nasty fuckin weed off
the fence.

Pics. #3 & #4 After settin a 2X6 for support & stretchin
the fence back over & up & driven pieces of rebar in at
the bottom where the rocks are cause it was curled
up from bein bent over.

Like I said it aint pretty but it works & Jesse wont
get hurt on it again.

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