" Tempus Fugit "


Monday, April 6, 2009


Two weeks ago my sisters & I finally went through
the last of my mom's boxes & photo albums and I
got some old & VERY OLD family photo's.

I just spent the last few days SLOWLY recovering
files from my old computer & I'm still in the process
of gettin this new one set up the way I want it &
I got to thinkin about how people & computers

~Computers~ if your lucky and or have the very
BEST security programs on them and keep them
healthy & updated with the latest developments
can have a life span of a few years or so but they
too still slow down with age & don't look or perform
near as good as the younger "newer" models.

Computer models when they first come out are
kind of odd lookin at first. But with computers
their looks don't change as they age ya just get
used to they're appearance & when they
"pass away" they still look the same but somehow
just don't look as good as they did years ago.

~People~ when they first come out are kind of odd
lookin to but as we age we get new developments,
get bigger & for most better lookin & we try to stay
healthy and can have a very long life span. But then
we also start slowin down & don't perform as well
as we used to & people when we "pass away" at
the end of that long life span we DON'T look as
good as we did years ago.

So I think I'd have to conclude that the biggest
differences would be that computers never change
in appearance & have a relatively short life span,
people have a longer life span but are almost
always changing in appearance.

Here's an example.
The first picture is me at age 47, the second picture
is me at about age 2... wasn't I a cute little shit
when I was new!

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