" Tempus Fugit "


Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey folks, just poppin in to say things have not been goin well here at The Den.
I got laid off work 11/20/09 and am still laid off.

In the first week of Dec. I had it out with the neighbors about the MULTITUDE of
cats they have both indoors & outside & the gagging STENCH that blasts out from their Apt. every time they open their door and when they leave the door open AND the fact that I had to take Jesse to the Vet to get medicine for a Ringworm !
Ringworm by the way is a fungus that comes EXCLUSIVELY from cats (ask any vet). I have nothing in general against cats but there is no good reason for anyone to have over 15 cats in a 2 bedroom apt. & over 10, plus neighborhood strays outside that they feed every night.

Well it pissed them off that I expressed myself about the whole disgusting mess & that I feel I have the right to breath without gagging so they lodged a complaint to my
landlord about the fence I put up for Jesse's yard saying I crossed the city easement.
My landlord by the way had no problem with me puttin up the fence & in fact said it & the grass was a nice improvement but until they verify the property line I had to take the fence down. So now Jesse doesn't have his big secure grassy yard to run & play
in. I have to put him on his leash & he just can't really enjoy himself.

Anyway Things here at The Den SUCK right now.

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